Pittsburgh Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections

Antique Auto Appraisals and Mobile Car Inspections

In today's world many antique, classic, specialty or late model vehicles are purchased over long distances where the buyer never sees the car in-person. It is also common for people to make the mistake of buying a pre-owned vehicle locally without having it checked by a technician. This is where a PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) becomes invaluable in both cases. With thirty three years experience in the automotive industry as a professional and enthusiast, I use that knowledge to offer a professional third party inspection service.

33 Years Experience Includes:

  • All Manufacturer Technician
  • Engine Systems Specialist
  • Carburetor Specialist
  • Exotic Car Technician
  • Body & Paint
  • Interiors & Accessories
  • Detail & Prep
  • Auction Buyer
  • Inventory Management
  • Classic Car Restoration

Pittsburgh Vehicle PPI differs greatly from the national chains. Most national companies sub their work to independent contractors with unknown credentials while you speak to a customer service representative, so you rarely talk with the person who performed the inspection. Our services are much more personable because you speak directly to the inspector before and after the inspection. This provides you with a verbal report in addition to your written report and enables you to ask questions about the vehicle. Additionally, many national companies can take up to a week to schedule, where we are able to schedule most inspections within 24 to 48 hours.

We are an independently owned and operated business. We're able to charge less than the competition, passing savings on to the customer, while providing the highest quality service and best customer care. We want you to be happy with your purchase so we take great pride in our service and appreciate your business. That is why PVPPI is the preferred choice for a PPI in Pittsburgh.